Why Trenchless Pipe Repair Can Restore Old Sewer Systems

old sewer pipes lining Owosso, MI

Damaged sewer pipes don’t always need invasive methods for repair. Trenchless pipe repair in Owosso, MI is a great way to restore an old sewer system.

There are four types of trenchless repair types that are most used. The first type of trenchless sewer repair is CIPP. This stands for cured in place pipes. The second is spray spray lining; this is also referred to as brush coating. The third method of trenchless repair is pipe bursting and the fourth method is slip lining.

The Main Trenchless Methods

Before trenchless pipe replacement was a popular option, plumbers would have to dig up the plumbing for homeowners. This was not easy and was a time-consuming process. It required lots of manpower, heavy machinery, and weeks of time.

Now, the trenchless options create a much more manageable solution. The entire process only takes a couple of days.

Cured In Place (CIPP)

CIPP utilizes a two-part epoxy resin and an absorbent tube. This process doesn’t work with tubes under 2 inches in diameter or with fragile tubes. The existing pipes must not break during the hydro-cleaning process.

Technicians insert the epoxy resin and inflate the tube. This will cure and harden the new pipe. This trenchless sewer replacement costs about 40% less, it also will last up to 50 years.

Spray Lining

Spray lining is for pipes that are under 1.5 inches in diameter. This method stops the corrosion of pipes and can extend their life. Technicians apply it either by spraying or brushing.

Pipe Bursting And Slip Lining

Pipe bursting is another trenchless pipe lining method. It requires pulling a replacement pipe into the existing pipe with the aid of a winch. Slip lining is similar but an older method. They pull a smaller pipe into the existing pipe and fill the space between with grout.

A permit is still required and an inspection done after the work is also necessary. But it’s usually a day to do the work, a day for the work to set in place, and then a clean-up day.

Sloan’s Septic Tank Service will do the appropriate trenchless method for your situation. Contact us to find out which trenchless option is best for your old sewer system.