Refrigerated Trailers

Keep Your Cool With Refrigerated Trailers in Owosso, MI, and Nearby Areas

Sloan's Septic Tank Service is proud to announce we're expanding our services to keep things cool on the go. We're now offering high-quality refrigerated trailers in Owosso, MI, and nearby areas. These are perfect for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

What is a Refrigerated Trailer?

A refrigeration trailer is essentially a mobile cold storage unit on wheels. It uses a powerful refrigeration system to maintain consistent, controlled temperatures, ensuring your perishable goods stay fresh and safe during transport. Think of it as a giant cooler on wheels, perfect for situations where traditional brick-and-mortar refrigeration might not be an option. At Sloan's Septic Tank Service, we have 8ft refrigerated trailers that come with 6 beer taps.

Benefits of Refrigerated Trailers

Versatility – Whether you need a freezer trailer for ice cream or a cooler trailer for fresh produce, refrigerated trailers offer a range of temperature controls to suit your specific needs.

Mobility – Unlike traditional walk-in coolers, refrigerated trailers offer the ultimate perk – they can go anywhere! This makes them ideal for catering events, festivals, mobile food businesses, and transporting perishables across long distances.

Efficiency – Modern refrigerated trailers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, keeping your operating costs low.

Portability – Refrigerated trailers can be easily towed by a standard truck, making them incredibly portable and convenient.

The Sloan's Advantage

At Sloan's Septic Tank Service, we're committed to providing top-notch products and exceptional customer service. Partner with us for your refrigerated trailer needs and enjoy:

  • High-Quality Trailers

    We source our trailers from reputable manufacturers, assuring you of a reliable and durable unit.

  • Competitive Prices

    We offer competitive pricing on all our refrigerated trailers.

  • Great Customer Service

    We're available 8 am-5 pm daily and 24/7 for emergency calls when urgent assistance is needed.

We're available 8 am-5 pm daily and 24/7 for emergency calls when urgent assistance is needed.




Take Your Business To The Next Level Of Cool

Contact Sloan's Septic Tank Service today to learn more about our selection of refrigerated trailers for sale. We're confident we have the perfect solution to keep your perishable goods fresh and your business thriving! Call us or fill out the form for more information.