Septic Tank Cleaning

The Trusted Crew for Septic Tank Cleaning in Owosso, MI

For fast, responsive septic service that saves you time and money at the same time, Sloan’s Septic Tank Service is the only name you need to know. A leader among local providers of septic tank cleaning in Owosso, MI, we're ready to deliver the results you deserve. Regardless of what's going on with your septic tank, trust our team to restore full access to septic flow - and your peace of mind, too.

Common Reasons for Septic Tank Cleaning

Drains that go down too slow or ones that are frequently backing up are just some of the common issues with septic tanks we address. Overuse of water is another reason why you may need a septic cleaning. It's also possible that regular tank maintenance may have been put on the back burner for too long. Other possible reasons to need professional cleaning include:

Heavy use of your septic system due to the number of people in your household

Issues with connecting lines

A tank that's not correctly sized for your home's needs

Issues with roots from trees and shrubs that get into the tank or connecting lines

Our Top-Notch Septic Services

Our septic services include everything from routine septic tank maintenance to urgent and annual cleanings. Our local technicians have the experience preferred and required to address a wide range of service needs. We're also at your service for emergency situations for a reasonable fee.

Septic cleaning companies begin the work by accessing the tank. In some cases, it may be necessary to locate the tank first, especially if you just moved into a new home - or one that's older. We may also need to take additional steps to open the lid if it's corroded or difficult to open.

The next step is septic tank pumping. This is done with a vacuum truck and a host that's lowered into the tank. The vacuum allows sludge to be fully removed from the tank, along with any other accumulated materials or debris that may be present. The tank is also typically washed out and inspected.

Reasons to Choose Sloan Septic Service

We bring nearly 60 years of local experience to each job that has our name attached to it. We're also pleased to be a trusted and dependable septic service company with a knack for tuning into what matters most to our valued clients, we do this with A+ level service that includes:

Fair prices that won't be a significant budget stretch

The use of modern, reliable equipment and methods

Timely arrivals for scheduled appointments and emergency service calls

Attentive service that includes taking the time to thoroughly answer your questions




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Quality work is what defines Sloan’s Septic Tank Service. Regardless of what's going on with your septic system, rest assured we'll get it working again as efficiently and effectively as possible. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule any of our septic tank services.