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Purpose of Sewer Line Inspection Camera

The main purpose of a video-based plumbing inspection is to determine what's going on within your sewer or drain lines. We do this with a specially designed camera that allows our technicians to quickly and thoroughly evaluate unseen areas of sewer lines. We also conduct sewer line inspections when preparing pipes for trenchless repairs. This is done to determine the location of the problem. We provide this service in:

How Does a Camera Inspection Work?

Whether we're doing a camera inspection for the purpose of preparing pipes for trenchless pipe repair or to find out why your sewer lines are backing up, the process is essentially the same. First, we guide a camera through the drain or sewer line. Next, we view the real-time results on a monitor in real-time. The results are also recorded for future reference.

What Problems Can Be Identified Using a Sewer Line Camera?

A camera inspection identifies many of the problems often addressed with CIPP pipe lining. This particular list includes tree root intrusions, damage from shifting in the ground, damage related to age and corrosion, pooled water where water shouldn't be gathering in sewer lines, and misalignment of certain sections of your sewer line.

When Should Your Pipes Undergo an Inspection Using Camera?

Contact us to have sewer video inspection done if you're noticing signs of drain or sewer line issues. We also recommend having an inspection done when looking to have your sewer system repaired with dig-free methods. An inspection should also be done on a regular basis if you have older trees on your property not far from sewer lines or if you have older sewer pipes susceptible to cracks and damage from age and general wear.



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