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Get the results you expect without actually having a significant landscape or yard cleanup and restoration to worry about when everything is done. These are the results you'll get with cured-in-place or CIPP pipe lining in Owosso, MI, a cost-effective solution available from Sloan’s Septic Tank Service. We provide this service in:

What Is CIPP Pipe Lining?

CIPP is a version of trenchless pipe repair that gives you a like-new sewer pipe inside of the existing one. The entire process is fairly simple and highly efficient when compared with what's common with a traditional repair. Developed back in the 1970s in England, CIPP pipe lining has many practical and money-saving applications that can still be very much appreciated today.

The trenchless pipe lining process begins with an inspection of the existing sewer line. We do this with a camera that's small enough to thoroughly inspect the affected pipe. If the results indicate pipe lining is a viable option, we'll proceed by inserting a resin-saturated liner into the existing pipe after it's properly cleaned. which is often done with hydro jetting. After the new coating is applied, it solidifies and forms a "new" pipe by creating a flaw-free inside surface. We may also recommend trenchless pipe replacement as well if the damage is much more extensive.

The Big Benefits

Cured-in-place pipe lining is an extremely environmentally friendly trenchless sewer repair process. We do all the work without bringing the existing pipe to the surface. This means no risk of bringing contaminated debris, pipe materials, or other potentially hazardous materials to the surface. We also don't need to take the old sewer or drain to the landfill. CIPP is also a highly effective way to upgrade older sewer and drain systems. It's a cost-effective way to restore older cast iron pipes, which are highly susceptible to corrosion.

Trenchless, No-Dig Repairs vs. Traditional Methods

Dig-free CIPP pipe lining is a fast, easy process that produces the preferred results much faster since there's no need to dig to complete the work. We're also not disturbing your landscape - we're not replacing the existing sewer or drain line either. With traditional repair, however, the affected pipe has to be removed from the ground and replaced entirely, which is a much more time-consuming and disruptive process. You'll also have to deal with the costs related to landscape or surface restoration.




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