Portable Restrooms Services

Your Local Expert for Portable Restrooms in Chesaning, MI, and Nearby Areas

Make your guests feel even more comfortable and welcomed at your next outdoor gathering with portable restrooms from Sloan's Septic Tank Service. We offer our residential and commercial clients in Chesaning, MI, and nearby areas a variety of convenient and affordable services when guests prefer not to use indoor facilities.

Also known as porta-potties, porta johns, and portable potties, you can be sure that we have all you need to address your needs in the local area. We can provide you with an assortment of portable restroom options. Whether it is for a residential setting or a commercial need, we can take care of it. After all, we have a vast selection of portable toilets that can be accessed by anyone and everyone. You can even ask us for handwashing and hand sanitizing stations as well as holding tanks. We are the team that can meet your specific needs.

Issues Affecting Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms can become clogged or affected by other flow issues. Fortunately, we provide toilets and sanitation stations that are easy to maintain when in use. If you need portable restrooms on your property for a longer period of time, contact us if you're noticing any issues with odors, clogs, or drainage. We can also address issues with your current stations. Rest assured that we will inspect the toilet for damage and conduct a thorough assessment so you can have the peace of mind knowing that it is safe and ready for use.

Advantages of Portable Restrooms

For one thing, portable restrooms are extremely convenient since they can be placed in practically any exterior area. You can also minimize indoor traffic if you prefer to keep your event contained in outdoor spaces. Other appealing advantages that go along with portable restrooms include:

Ease of use: Today's portable restrooms are designed to be easy to use for any of your guests. We also offer handicap-accessible toilets.

Cost-effectiveness: Portable restrooms are budget-pleasing since you only pay for what you need when you need it. You also don't have to worry about permanent outdoor facilities if you regularly host outdoor gatherings.

Our Main Solutions

We offer multiple solutions and options with portable restrooms, making it easy to get what you need for your home or business outdoor event needs. Whether you prefer something more basic or additional features like wash stations, we've got you covered. Our main portable restroom options include:

Standard portable toilets

Handicapped portable toilets

Toilets with nearby sanitation or handwashing stations

Portable sinks and washbasins

Should you have existing stations that just need our expertise, we can help. Whether it is repair or maintenance, our team is more than happy to be of service. Just reach out to us and let us know how we can be of assistance. We will check for underlying issues as well as resolve the problem once and for all. This means we are the only crew that you need to rely on for all things portable restrooms and stations.

Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs are just a few of the service options that we specialize in when it comes to portable restrooms and stations. We will make sure that we disinfect and wash each unit before and after each appointment. We can also pump or vacuum up the waste tank so loose floor debris can be avoided.

We have an extensive checklist to make sure that your portable restroom is in great working condition. Our team adheres to a stringent quality assurance program so we can be certain that every project we service meets the highest standards we have set. We can also restock the necessary supplies as part of our maintenance of the portable restroom that we installed for you after we are done with the cleaning process. Should repairs no longer suffice, we have an extensive selection of units that we can provide you as a replacement.



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Sloan's is a 4th generation company that's been meeting and regularly exceeding customer expectations since 1965. We keep the needs and priorities of our residential and commercial clients front-and-center at all times with:

  • Free estimates and fair prices
  • Personalized service
  • Timely arrivals
  • On-site draining and sanitization for portable restrooms

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Enjoy the many benefits that go along with using convenient portable restrooms for your next outdoor event by contacting Sloan's Septic Tank Service. Give us the details and we'll get everything set up and ready. Contact us today to start with a free estimate.