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Septic issues can't wait, so turn to Sloan’s Septic Tank Service when expert attention is needed. We're one of the leading providers of septic tank cleaning in Lansing, MI, partly due to our many years of experience. At the first sign of a problem with your home's septic system, give us a call.

Septic Services You Can Always Rely On

From emergency cleanings to regular cleanings when you're starting to see signs of a problem, we've got all your septic service needs covered. We're also at your service when it's time for routine septic tank maintenance.

A septic tank often needs a professional cleaning due to regular use and the accumulation of sludge and debris over time. Other common reasons to schedule a septic cleaning include:

Having more people in your household

Issues with tree roots getting into your tank

Issues related to what normally goes down your drains - e.g., grease and materials that don't break down well

Having an undersized septic tank for your home

The Septic Tank Cleaning Process

  • Accessing the Tank

    We get started by accessing the tank, which involves locating the opening and checking its condition. In some instances, the lids if corroded or difficult to open for other reasons. If this is the case, septic cleaning companies may need to take some additional steps to carefully open the lid without damaging it.

  • Pumping the Tank

    Once the lid is removed, the next step is to pump the tank to remove the sludge and other materials. This is done with a specially designed truck that has equipment inside that draws out sludge and other materials. An attached hose is used to effectively remove all accolated materials from the tank. The duration of this part of the process depends on the location of the tank and the level of cleaning it actually needs.

  • Inspecting the Tank

    Lastly, we inspect the tank to make sure there aren't any structural issues that need to be addressed. We also take a look at connecting lines and other components. We'll then take the time to explain what additional steps may be necessary. We'll be equally happy to offer routine maintenance and upkeep tips to keep in mind between regular cleanings.



Count on Our Cleaning Services

Family-owned and -operated, we're a 4th generation company that knows how to meet and exceed expectations. Here are other reasons to choose us for septic tank pumping and other related needs in Lansing, MI:

  • We arrive on time for scheduled appointments
  • We keep our rates fair and honest
  • We give honest, pre-work opinions
  • We're here for you 24/7 for emergency situations*

*A reasonable fee applies.


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