Why Is My Septic Tank Smelling Bad?

opening septic tank lid Lansing, MI

If you go into your backyard expecting to smell fresh air and come across a bad odor, then the main source could be your septic tank. A foul odor is a clear sign of the need for septic tank cleaning in Lansing, MI from our professionals at Sloan’s Septic Tank Service. Learn some of the direct causes of the odors and some of the solutions to fix them.

Septic Tank Cleaning

A septic tank may have too much build-up to drain. Toilet paper and debris can cause the septic tank levels to rise and create odors near the surface of your lawn. Routine septic tank maintenance will help get rid of the excess debris. It keeps your septic tank at an ideal level for proper drainage.

The typical septic tank pumping will take less than an hour and provide you with years of relief. After a few days, you will notice the odors start to dissipate. Waste clears out into drainage fields the way it’s supposed to.

Septic Tank Clogs

If tank cleaning doesn’t do the trick, the odors may come from a clog within the septic system. A build-up of foreign materials may cause a clog. Septic cleaning companies will find the source of the clog and complete septic repairs so your tank can operate like normal again.

Septic Tank Leaks

The growth of roots and plants can put pressure on underground septic tanks and cause leaks. The fluids can seep into your lawn and create bad smells. During the septic cleaning, a company can recognize signs of leaks. They will do a visual inspection to see clear signs of the problems.

Contact us at Sloan’s Septic Tank Service to help fix any septic odors you have. This ensures your water waste system runs smoothly for years to come.