Things to Avoid For Better Septic Tank Care

Septic tank being pumped Lansing, MI

Proper care and a steady maintenance routine are essential to preserve your septic tank’s durability and functionality. Sloan’s Septic Tank Service offers quality septic tank cleaning in Lansing, MI. Here, we take a close look at a few things that one should stay away from to maintain a good septic system and prevent spending money on repairs.

Disposing of Non-Biodegradable Materials

Only pour something that will biodegrade down the sink or toilet. Paper towels, hygiene items, cigarettes, diapers, and other non-biodegradable are among the things we’ve seen cause problems when we provide septic cleaning services.

Dumping Dangerous Chemicals

Do not throw chemicals down the drain, including paint, oil, grease, insecticides, or concentrated cleaning solutions. These compounds could disrupt the septic tank’s normal bacterial equilibrium, making it more difficult for the bacteria to break down waste effectively.

Neglecting Routine Upkeep

Septic tank upkeep requires routine maintenance. Solid waste and sludge can accumulate due to neglecting routine inspections, pumping, and maintenance, which can cause clogs and backups. Maintain your system according to a recommended septic tank maintenance schedule to preserve its lifespan and effective operation.

By refraining from these practices, you can keep your wastewater treatment system healthy and effective while preventing damage to your septic tank. Reach out to us at Sloan’s Septic Tank Service to schedule regular septic tank pumping!