Consequences of Neglecting Regular Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tank being pumped Lansing, MI

Septic tanks are among the most critical waste management systems that need regular and continuous maintenance. The septic system does not have a pipeline to carry away any waste, which means it should be cleaned regularly. When you take care of the septic tank through professional companies such as Sloan’s Septic Tank Service, you reduce the chances of replacing or repairing the tank prematurely, which can be costly.

Here are some consequences of neglecting septic tank cleaning in Lansing, MI.

Sediment Build

The waste entering your home’s septic tank undergoes separation between solid and liquid matter. When the tank is not cleaned for a long time, it is possible that the septic’s intake pipe can get clogged from the sediment. A blocked drainage or pipe can lead to wastewater back-up into the home, creating hazardous living conditions, which is why you need to source the services of septic cleaning companies to conduct professional cleaning.

Health Hazards

One of the major concerns and consequences of failing to conduct regular septic cleaning is the impact it can have on your health and that of your family. Neglecting cleaning routines will lead to the accumulation of harmful pathogens and bacteria in the tank, which can contaminate underground water and the soil. The cost implication of the treatment can be prevented by sourcing professional cleaning services.

Costly Repairs

Repairs and replacement of septic tank components can be expensive if regular septic tank pumping is not carried out. This cost may not only be financial but inconvenient as well. If the case is extreme, you may even end up having to replace your septic tank entirely.

Neglecting routine septic tank maintenance can greatly affect your health and even set you back financially. Contact us today at Sloan’s Septic Tank Service for professional septic tank services.